Towards Reviving Study Culture in the Community

Recently,  EDEMCS attained the knowledge that there is an abandoned library in Eguare, one of the communities in Ewu. On the invitation of the local community managers, EDEMCS representatives went to inspect it, and we came to the conclusion that there is the potential of rebuilding and revitalizing the said library. We believe that a local library is a necessity for a community to provide the means for education in order to encourage a reading culture amongst the community.

For many years, an ever-increasing number of young people have been leaving the Ewu community for academic pursuit elsewhere. Families too are leaving and moving to places like cities where they could get better education opportunities for their families.   This leaves a lot of the poor families that can’t afford to leave the community behind. Since poorer families have no place like a library or community center for learning for their children after school hours, the children are frequently made to become child workers. The result is very poorly educated young boys and girls who frequently fail to qualify for university (college) eduction.

For this reason, EDEMCS has taken up the challenge of calling for needed help in building a modern library with full-featured learning materials which will include books, computers, and internet access. We seek support for this project from readers and organizations that will be able to help. Donations for a new building, books, computers, and modern learnings tools will be needed in order to provide a better learning environment for the community.

Do contact us if you or any organization you know will be willing to help us provide a better learning environment for children in this community. We want to look back in 10yrs and be able to have engineers, doctors, and other professional created because of your support for this venture.

Written by Amadeus Stickl and edited by Ojo Anthony


  1. Buki fagbenle says

    Totally laudable effort. So proud of what you are doing within the Ewu community. Turning it into a model for all to see how Africans can look after Africa. Well done!

  2. Tunde Owolabi says

    What the national leaders could not do for their citizens is being delivered under one man organized in a small remote village

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