A theory of interconnectednes of knowledge and action


Communitalism is what Paxafricana.org is all about

When there is an improvement in the material well-being of the community, the health of the members of the community will also improve. This is the essence of community medicine and Communitalism.

Unlike biohealth, which tends to focus on disease and neglect the root cause of diseases such as:

  • financial inequality
  • unjust wages
  • unfair working conditions
  • dysfunctional literacy etc

Community medicine adopts an integral approach to health and well-being. Altogether, and integrally as such, thereby embracing worldviews, or realities, from all four corners of the globe


CommunitalismSpecifically, Communitalism is a theory of interconnectedness of knowledge and action. It states that knowledge is only complete and liberating when it is a combination of PAX NATURA, PAX SPIRITUS, PAX SCIENTIA AND PAX ECONOMIA.

So in terms of integral research-to-innovation, a truly integral research is well grounded in the SOUTH through community activation, navigating through the EAST through catalyzation of a holistic ecosystem, emancipating and empowering the marginalised through Education (NORTH) and promoting socio-economic development through practical innovative research (WEST).
PAX NATURA: SOUTH, identified with Africa. Key features are: Indigenous Knowledge, Community activation, Agronomy, connection with the soil, respect and oneness with nature, a “communversity” of life. Orientation is towards NATURE and COMMUNALISM
PAX SPIRITUS: EAST: Identified mainly with ASIA. Key features are: emphasis on inner peace, wholeness, Culture, inner security, spirituality, higher consciousness, intuition, feelings and emotions as part of human experience. Orientation is towards HOLISM
PAX SCIENTIA: NORTH: Identified mainly with Europe. Fully in control of advances in scientific theories and social theories. Key features are: political systems, educational and research outputs, and control of world’s economic, political and social systems through colonisation, capitalism, socialism, neo-liberalism, globalisation etc. Orientation is towards RATIONALISM
PAX ECONOMIA: WEST: identified mainly with America. Known for business, enterprise, entrepreneurship, individual quest for profit and competition. Key features are: Practical application of technology for profit, business management and dollarization of world economy. Orientation is towards PRAGMATISM.