Our Mission

Pax Africana as an Ofure (Pax) Integral Research and Development Initiative (ARCID) is on a mission to establish new templates for doing research in and for Africa.

Research Redirection

For centuries, Africans as a people spoken about, spoken for and spoken against by foreigners. We read about who we are from what others said and wrote about us.
ACIRD seeks to assert the right of Africans to speak in their own language and metaphors. We must reclaim our right to cognitive freedom, if we truly seek to be free.

Development Path

Africa must be aware of, and fight against the coloniality of knowledge and Epistemicide, which are modern forms of colonization, by evolving and “e-ducing” its own research methods and research methodologies suited to and geared towards African epistemological emancipation.

Integration in Communitalism

Based on our theory of Communitalism, we as a people can forge a path for our collective destiny designed and put together in a manner that truly reflect the essence of who we are: Africa as the cradle of human existence.