×Project EDEMCS was initiated by project Paxherbals.

From a small village cooperative inquiry group emerged an association now called Ewu development and Educational multipurpose cooperative society which is fully owned and run by the local community

Endemic Unemployment

The problem cannot be solved by an individual or company

Lack of Technical Know-how

Challenges in converting the abundant natural resources in the community to income-generating product

Youth Training

Training of the local youths on innovative thinking and self-development within the community.

Soft Loans

Soft-loans for the local entrepreneurs and artisans to promote wealth creation.

Training for Adults

Training for local women on business management and innovation and also training for Local farmers on new farming techniques.

The action plan of the society is to carry out actions that will directly impact on the lives of the whole community. Such activities include:

  • Demonstration farm with cassava processing facilities and an oil mill.
  • Training for selected group of 1000 artisans on innovative and systems thinking.
  • Support program for 150 Small medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Training of 500 local market women and traders on business and technology management
  • Youth empowerment through integral skill acquisition techniques
When there is an improvement in the material well-being of the community, the health of the members of the community will also improve. This is the essence of community medicine. Unlike biohealth, which tends to focus on disease and neglect the root cause of diseases such as financial inequality, unjust wages, unfair working conditions, dysfunctional literacy etc., community medicine takes adopts an integral approach to health and well-being.

Ewu development and educational multipurpose cooperative association and new ways of doing things.

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