African Action Research Community


African Action  Research community (AARC) is a voluntary association of scholars, academics,  intellectuals and activists who believe that a new world is possible- a new Africa that thrives on its own inner and outer resources. AARC members comprise mainly university lecturers, independent scholars, political activists, thinkers, policymakers and students from across Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. What binds us together goes beyond race or colour. Instead, we are united by our belief in the power of action-research to change the African narrative.   For many decades, the mantra of neo-liberal and capitalist policies in the global North/West was that there is no alternative to Capitalism, Globalism, and the Western Educational System. Such mantra projects a one-sided, Euro-American, monocultural worldview, and neglects the perspectives of the other parts of the world. In the past ten years, there has been a renewed interest in transcultural, transdisciplinary and transformational approaches to research, which embraces the four corners of the world: South, East, North, and West. AARC members approach research from such transdisciplinary perspectives. For AARC, action research is research that not only examines, analyses and criticises, but also proposes concrete solutions, and goes ahead to act, along with others, on the proposed solutions.


AARC is an open community for all interested in African Transformation and in exploring other approaches to development in Africa, building on culture, indigenous knowledge and spirituality. The group spans all corners of the globe. While the focus of our research is Africa, members comprise people from every part of the world who are interested in Africa and the challenges of development in today’s Africa.


To actively work towards a better Africa that thrives based on its ingenuity and resourcefulness. An Africa that evolves its own educational, technological, political and economic models based on African worldview, culture, Spirituality, and humanism. AARC provides practical and realistic answers and solutions to government and policymakers. These solutions are grounded in sound scholarship and realism. We aim to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application, between theory and practice, between being and doing.