• Develop distinct Afrocentric research methods and research methodology interdependent with, rather than dependent upon, the dominant Eurocentric system.
  • Research and develop the theory of communitalism, at both macro and micro levels, as the African antidote to the imbalances of rampant capitalism, relevant to particular societies and enterprises both within Africa and without


  • Give voice to the oft-neglected voices from the peripheries, which account for 80% of world population
  • Revise the past and interpreting it in our own Southern voice and metaphors as against the overly westernised narratives.
  • Chart a path through research to a sustainable socio-economic and political liberation of Africa, duly documented and disseminated, operating at both micro and macro levels
  • Develope the concept of cognitive justice as key to social, economic, political, mental and moral liberation of Africa.


  • Publication of research work in the natural, medical and social sciences
  • Community activation through the association of Ewu development and Educational association, an independent, self-governing body owned by the local community in Ewu, Edo state
  • Development and ongoing evolution of the theory of communitalism
  • Dissemination of integral research knowledge through a book series on Innovation and Transformation.
  • Annual/bi-annual international conferences on African knowledge systems.
  • Post-graduate degree programs on integral research and Development
  • Research and Teaching partnership with Universities and institutes worldwide