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    TOWARDS INTEGRAL LIVING IN EWU MONASTERY: Communis, Spiritus, Scientia and Economia

    Watch video of integral living in Ewu Monastery, Edo state of Nigeria. This video captures some of the tenets of Communitalism.

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  • The Pioneer Students Transformation Studies in Africa [Video]

      Watch video of the pioneer students of Transformation Studies in Africa (TSA) from the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. This is the first fruit of a project with a very humble beginning

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  • Paxherbals and the Catholic Church of England and Wales: A Unique Partnership

    The Pax herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories (PAXHERBALS) and its subsidiary, the Pax Integral Research and Development Initiative (OFIRDI) have signed an MOU with the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, to provide training in sustainable agribusiness for the young people of Edo State, Nigeria. The project is termed human livelihoods for self-sufficiency. The […]

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  • Fr. Anselm Adodo with the director and faculty staff of the Institute.

    Transformation Studies In Africa: An Historic Beginning

    On May 10, 2018, the newly designed curriculum titled Transformation Studies in Africa started on a high tone with 12 pioneer masters students and one prospective PhD candidate, at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. The program, which is a partnership between Ofure (Pax) Centre for integral research and Development, The University of Ibadan and Trans4m […]

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  • Knowledge Creation in an African Village

    Storytelling as a tool for transformation In April this year, we had a meeting with the local farmers, about sixty of them. It was part of our participatory action research strategy, getting the people to identify, discuss and analyse their challenges and then proffer solutions from within.  The local people complained that cassava farming is […]

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  • Impact Assesment of EDEMCS Beneficiaries

    Recently, some members of EDEMCS executives: Anna Aipokhio, Yinka Olayioye and Photographer Austin Obi visited the beneficiaries of the first phase of the business loan project of EDEMCS for an impact assessment on the farmers. The loan was given in January 2016 The loan was given in January 2016 to empower the local women. The principles of participatory action […]

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  • Loan recepients

    Community Building through Action Research and Innovation

    In February 2016, a group of local women farmers was presented with a cheque of $500 each to support them as they prepare for a new farming season.  The money was presented to each farmer as a loan, which will be paid back within 12 months with zero interest. This is a development project initiated […]

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  • Towards Reviving Study Culture in the Community

    Recently,  EDEMCS attained the knowledge that there is an abandoned library in Eguare, one of the communities in Ewu. On the invitation of the local community managers, EDEMCS representatives went to inspect it, and we came to the conclusion that there is the potential of rebuilding and revitalizing the said library. We believe that a […]

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  • (ii}A female beneficiary at work

    Promoting Self Development in Rural Communities

    The seasons are changing, the rainy season is here and nature is preparing to sprout and to blossom. The first days of March coincided with the first days of rainfall. Famers are busy with preparations of their farmlands for cultivation. A Visit to one of the Local Farmers Several weeks have passed since EDEMCS (Ewu […]

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  • edemcs: rural women empowerment

    Empowering Local Women Through Microfinancing

    Since the inaugural meeting of EDEMCS (Ewu Development and Educational Multipurpose Co-operative Society) took place more than a year has passed. The organization has mastered many stages ranging from the official registration with Edo State, the cultivation of interest and trust in the village up to the engagement of the community. Fortunately, the King of […]

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