• Fr. Anselm Adodo Delivers Faculty Lecture at University of Ibadan

    On July 25, 2018, Fr. Adodo delivered the faculty lecture at the University of Ibadan.  The seminar lecture series is sponsored by the council for the Development of Social Science Research (CODESRIA). The seminar, which held at Lady Bank Anthony Hall, at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, was attended by an unprecedented […]

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  • Fr. Anselm Adodo with the director and faculty staff of the Institute.

    Transformation Studies In Africa: An Historic Beginning

    On May 10, 2018, the newly designed curriculum titled Transformation Studies in Africa started on a high tone with 12 pioneer masters students and one prospective PhD candidate, at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. The program, which is a partnership between Ofure (Pax) Centre for integral research and Development, The University of Ibadan and Trans4m […]

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  • image of pupils in class

    Reforming Education In NIGERIA: Thinking Outside the Box

    Have you heard our young men discussing football recently? They know all the latest news on the English Premier League. They can tell you when Manchester United is playing Chelsea, and can even predict who will win and by how many goals. Thanks to cable, internet and satellite TV, our young people also know how many soldiers […]

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  • Gen members with Edo state gov

    History Made as Paxherbals Hosted GEN Conference

    Nigeria recently made history as it hosted the 2017 conference of the Global Ecovillage Network-Africa (GEN-AFRICA), courtesy of Paxherbal Clinic and Research Laboratories at Ewu, in Edo State, Nigeria, from December 10-17. The Conference brought together 20 participants from 17 different countries in Africa, Europe and a representative from the United Nations. The conference aimed […]

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  • Learning About and Keeping Record of Plants

    Pax herbarium’s mission is to collect every plant – indigenous, naturalized or exotic – that grows in Nigeria. By doing so, we are serving the demand for people interested in traditional medicine, ethnotaxonomy and are preventing any false identification and misuse of plants. Nigeria’s vegetation is very rich, from the mangroves in the Delta to […]

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  • Towards Reviving Study Culture in the Community

    Recently,  EDEMCS attained the knowledge that there is an abandoned library in Eguare, one of the communities in Ewu. On the invitation of the local community managers, EDEMCS representatives went to inspect it, and we came to the conclusion that there is the potential of rebuilding and revitalizing the said library. We believe that a […]

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