A Man Like You

A Poem by Fr. Anselm Adodo

I knocked at your door
The door of your heart.
Can you not hear me?
Open for me, my brother!
I knocked at the dawn of my sleep
I knocked at the wake of my day
I knocked with the veins of my heart
I knocked at the fall of my power
Can you not hear me?
Open for me, my sister!
You asked me if I am a Christian
Or a Muslim, or a pagan.
You want to know if I am of your tribe
Or speak the tongue of your father
Or dream the dream of your mother
Before you would open for me.
What does it matter if I am white or black
Green or yellow
Short or tall?
You want to know who I am?
I am bone of your bone
And flesh of your flesh
I am a Man like you!
Open for me, my brother!


  1. Babajide Adeyinka Funsho- Dominic says

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