Paxherbal Congress 2015: African Herbal Medicine in View

Performing Atilogwu Dancer

Our affiliate Paxherbals writes a new chapter in the African story. It is in the area of alternative health for this and the future generation in a way that directly affects and impacts on the lives of people everywhere.

The event was the Paxherbal congress 2015 held at Lumen Christi International School, Uromi on the 25th of August 2015.  It was one that can be said to have aggregated some many little details about our social and cultural life that, while often being counted as of little importance, hold values that are vital to our betterment as a people living in Africa.

Paxherbal  as a Driving Force in African Traditional Medicine

The event marks the beginning of several days when members of the “Paxherbal Family” comprising of the management of Paxherbals and staff,  Paxherbal Health Care Providers, Paxherbal product distributors, Paxherbal Depots handlers across Nigeria come together to share experience, knowledge and challenges encountered over the past year. It was about telling the world that natural medicine and healing using herbs and methods from the motherland is changing the quality of living of Nigeria and Africa and at little or no cost to the African people.

Africans are known to be “people of the earth” or the cradle of oneness with nature but seems to be veering away from its century-old traditional values.  This is as a result of too much reliance on modern medicine at the expense of natural healing. The message from Paxherbals is that both conventional medicine and the natural healing methods which often comprises of herbal medicine and other methods ought to complement each other.

The Paxherbal Congress seems to highlight “the little things”. The little things we don’t count as important that once added up could make the difference and bring Africans back to their roots. It is an approach that Paxherbals as the chief driver of healthier lifestyle through the utilization nature gifts

It starts with the food with eat the laughter we share and the collected positive attitude of the people around us. This was reflected in the carefully choreographed event at the Paxherbal congress

Meal: Back to our Roots

It is conventional in social gathering across Africa to serve snacks like meat-pie or sausage and soft drinks to guests at such an event. Paxherbals had a different idea. The snacks served was the common garden egg, ground-nut and water as refreshement before the meal of the day.

It was another opportunity to eat healthy knowing the immense health benefit of the common water, peanut and garden egg. It was meant to serve as a reminders that what we eat at every opportunity matters. This was also in line with the common African tradition before the advent of refined food, soft drinks and beverages.

The Cultural Dancers from Esan

it is customary at events in African to keep a place for the traditional dance of the people. Here to entertain the guests was the Uromi socio-cultural dance group performing the Atilogwu dance which has its origin in Eastern Nigeria. The Atilogwu dance is cultural dance which originated from the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria.

The Atmosphere

Paxherbal Congress was staged within the hinterland of Uromi, Edo State of Nigeria. Uromi in Edo State of Nigeria is a place where nature is still at its prime and where a lot of cultural values within the African context still hold sway.

written by: Anthony Ojo (@ojonow)


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