Paxherbals as an authentic and fully indigenous-exogenous enterprise that focuses on the scientific cultivation, identification, promotion and development of African herbal medicine.
From a flourishing health and business enterprise within a particular local community, Paxherbals is actively activating the local communities to become an integral community.

A flourishing agribusiness which allows all families in the local community to engage in profitable cultivation of foodstuffs, medicinal plants and other cash crops will make the village into an economic hub.

Paxherbals: Communitalism in Action

At Paxherbals, we cultivate our own herbs directly and also through accredited local out growers. We know the herbs, where they live, where they grow and how they grow. We know their names, their family and their story. We journey with the herbs from the farm, to the collection and verification rooms, to the washing room, drying room, the processing factory, to the final product, and to the market.

We continue the journey by monitoring how the finished products interact with the society, the reactions as well as the counter-reactions. To this effect, we have pharmaco-vigilance centres located in three Major Nigerian Cities. We ensure that we maintain this connection with the soil, with nature, the community, the environment, with the people and with science. The inability to maintain this connection is the main reason behind the crisis rocking the modern world.

Health Facilities

The local community have limited health service options

Up to 90% Unemployment

Jobless youths

Poor Education System

Many locals are either not educated or poorly educated


The local community was the first beneficiaries of Paxherbal alternative health services. The successes recorded soon see patients coming from all across the state and the country.


Through its open policy approach to knowledge, Paxherbals published a best selling book on health and herbal remedies as a means of educating both the local community on the power of Nature


A lot of the youths in the community where Paxherbals is located previously see the only way to get a decent job as going to big cities. Paxherbals changed the mentality by becoming the highest private sector employer of labour in the local goverment area.

The Nature Power was the first major publication of Paxherbals that has sold millions of copies accross Nigeria in the past decade. The aim of the project is to put in the hands of people the knowledge to unlock the Power of Nature. You may be amazed to find out that a plant you have always considered a weed around you has a potent medicinal or therapeutic powers you never imagined.

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