Amodu Emmanuel

Amodu Emmanuel photo

Pax Herbarium Director

Amodu Emmanuel was born and raised in Northern Nigeria, mainly in Kogi, Kano and Abuja. He did his nursery and primary education in Kano and Kogi state respectively and moved to Abuja for his secondary education. After his secondary education, he moved to Kogi state university in 2008 where he obtained a B.Sc. in botany option in 2012.

He began his career as a research scientist at Pax Herbal Clinic & Research Laboratory, Ewu in 2013, and was posted to the Herbarium to booster his specialization as a core Botanist. In 2014 he was sent by Paxherbals to the National Herbarium in Forestry Research Institute (FRIN) where he obtained a certificate of Herbarium Techniques and Management.

Amodu Emmanuel tour 33 states in Nigeria as regards plant collection and ecological works, he deposited over 2000 specimen in Paxherbals herbarium either as a collector or determinavit. He taught over 40 botany students classical Taxonomy from various universities in Nigeria.

Amodu Emmanuel is currently completing an M.Sc. in Plant Biosystematics at the University of Benin, Nigeria.